For the pre-fall 2023 season, Wes Gordon, the creative director of Carolina Herrera, did not search much for his inspirations. For him, it was clear that a woman excels in elegance and dazzle over both the veteran star Cher, Maria Callas and Mrs. Carolina Herrera herself, and therefore his new designs were rich in their diversity. Dazzling in its styles, classic and bold at the same time.

In fact, the starting point for designing this collection was an archive photo of the star Callas on stage receiving an award, and you can imagine the amount of glamor that usually accompanies such situations. And from her colorful floral look, Godren drew inspiration from colorful floral designs, including a red georgette dress, and a strapless cocktail dress tightly gathered at the bust and backed with a black stretch crepe to create an hourglass shape.

Not only that, but the atmosphere of spring and the rich nature that characterizes it had a great influence on this group, which sparkled with the most beautiful bright monochromatic colors and fresh patterns, and a mixture of shades that go smoothly and romantically together, which constitute the perfect and smooth transition from the sad autumn atmosphere to the spring full of joy. This justifies the designer's use of large heart shapes, which appeared in many dresses, in addition to looks consisting of a crop top and a soft feminine skirt.

In this collection, Wes Gordon continued to present the symbols of the American brand that he remained true to in his various designs, such as the pink corset dress with a hand-woven heart-shaped bodice, or Mrs. Herrera's signature white shirt, which was inspired by the collection's red character, sheath dresses Midi length with a short bolero, short tweed skirts with white silk shirts and a round neck decorated with a soft black bow, a short black dress with an open chest and a layer of wide sheer ruffles.

The group also included a variety of occasion dresses that overflowed with features of femininity and beauty, and most of them came with an open-chest story with huge skirts and a long tail, or a gradient skirt in length from short to long in the back, as well as a group of black looks with elegant neo-classical cuts decorated with embroidery or Silver motifs are perfect for the evening.

Mia Richa