In the year 2022, the "Golden Goose" brand launched its first joint store in Milan, Italy, and is now in the process of opening its first advanced store in the Middle East, specifically in the Mall of the Emirates.

After the future business plan "Agenda Forward" was announced last March, and after facing the world's most important challenges, the brand took its first steps under the slogan "We Care", by revealing its promising field of work, which is represented in the advanced store, and about that says the CEO Mr. Silvio Campara: “The ambitions of the main idea are to extend the life cycle of the product by reviving its existence, by reforming so that the joint action is as follows: repair, remake, resell, recycle. These amazing works are from local artisans, tailors, small artists and more” , Thanks to the new advanced store, the brand is at the forefront of the world of repairs, through services that consist of opening the first laboratories that enable anyone to bring their clothes and shoes from any brand, and benefit from cleaning, sterilization, repair, change, restoration and renewal services, as well as extending their life cycle, which thus reduces harmful environmental impact on our planet

Kambara adds: “We created the advanced store because we aspire to give products new chances of life. These items that people adhere to get a new life that enables their owners to continue collecting and living experiences and writing new stories. It is about merchants and the memories that our loved ones share with us through their favorite products.”

And he continues: “The remaking process is considered a special and unique experience that gives the craftsman the opportunity to create a product with the dream maker. We start by choosing decorations from our vast collection, and then we apply them to their products, whether they are new or used. The craftsman can also choose from various items that we provide for him, such as embroidery Hand-written messages and hand-drawn graphics make the product a stand-alone work of art, As for the sports shoes, the craftsman can dye or use the "multi-foxing" technique on the sole of the shoe, and he can also write his messages or put his favorite pictures through tattoos or using airbrushes.

The advanced store also provides tailoring services for suits, dresses and leather jackets, as well as personalized sports shoe tailoring programs. For bespoke garments, the craftsman can choose from different sizes, fabric types, linings and buttons that match his identity and can also add a unique personal touch to any design.

Celebrating the tradition of skateboarding, this place offers exceptional products in the form of boards, wheels and more from among the most famous skate companies in the world, giving the craftsman the opportunity to create a product with the maker of dreams. The main one of the sign is in Venice

Each corner here is designed to display exclusive products such as the company's first sustainable sneaker and archive collection, as well as an exclusive capsule collection that includes a collection of exceptional sneakers from the brand's heritage.