The day before yesterday evening, the "Magic Gardens" event organized by the House of Wisdom in Sharjah was launched for its young visitors during the period from the 25th of this month to the first of next January, during which it accompanies them in amazing worlds of adventures, live performances, entertainment activities and artistic workshops, all inspired by the novel « The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by famous author Lyman Frank Baum and illustrator William Denslow

The event targets children from five to 12 years old, in order to allow them to explore the most prominent features of fictional literature and its impact on promoting dialogue between different cultures, as all its activities are inspired by this novel, which achieved the highest sales during the 20th century, and has become a source of inspiration for generations for 100 years.

The event, which is organized in the southern garden of the House of Wisdom, provides entertainment and interactive platforms through which children can participate in various activities and shows over eight days, from five in the evening until ten in the evening, to begin their journey through several stations that embody the sequence of events in the novel.

The children live the same life as Dorothy, the central character in the novel, by entering her house and opening its windows to feel that they are flying into a tornado of cars, cattle and small houses behind them. Children can also collect some of the things they see in the novel, such as magic shoes, novel characters and stationery

The performance platform is designed in a way similar to the “Emerald Castle” inspired by the novel, and in it children can attend the main performances and activities that are organized throughout the day, such as puppet shows, bubbles, musical and circus shows, in addition to laser shows, silent plays, comedy shows and movie screenings.

The "deserted maze" begins at the "Gate of Oz", in which children enjoy sound effects and luminous lamps in the floors and ceiling covered with branches and leaves of vines and tree trunks, as well as squirrels and monkeys hanging at the top. The maze includes five sections that allow children to engage in various activities, such as drawing African masks; Japanese manga comics; making Swiss chocolate and making perfumes in the Emirates; Indian hair braids and bracelets industry

As part of the activities of the “Magic Gardens” event, an area has been allocated for workshops that allow children to participate in many mysterious experiences to acquire new skills and experiences, in addition to a corner for outdoor food and drinks that offers different types of food and sweets, including cotton candy “Girls for Girls”. Popular with most children