In the story of an Algerian young man, not only did the challenge and success of what he loves and dreams come together, but he was able to be a rare "cultural phenomenon" among Algerian youth.

Bilal Chaabneh, 34, from the coastal province of Jijel, east of Algeria, made the exception with an investment that many consider "strange" or "even a waste of time" or "a bankrupt investment." Some consider it a "upscale investment," but Bilal considers it a "successful dream that cannot be accepted." except success

Shaabneh decided to invest in a field that would not come to mind, and he is the one who broke into the world of "cultural investment" by opening several libraries to sell books and novels of various types and languages. Rather, he developed a broader plan for his project that includes "borrowing books" and allocating spaces for reading for those who want.

As for his goal in that, it is to "inculcate a culture of reading and reading in Algerian society," which he said is constantly increasing. Publishing Houses" to have an investment project with a special cultural philosophy that no one has preceded, and includes about 25 thousand titles.

The idea of ​​​​the investment project was born out of his passion for reading when he was wandering looking for the acquisition of books everywhere, and that his beginnings with it were from religious books and international novels, and he added, "As an amateur, I was looking for titles that appealed to me among the shelves of libraries in my state, I was wandering between the streets of the city But I did not find what I needed, so I moved from one state to another to select the distinctive titles, to start the first steps to achieve his dream of a private library in his home and inside his room, and with it the idea of ​​realizing his dream of opening his first bookstore in 2017 in Jijel Governorate, before the idea expanded to A unique investment project with 5 libraries in the governorates of Algiers (center), Souk Ahras, Tizi Ouzou, and Bejaia (east)

Bilal's "fingerprint" was evident in his library through the various available titles of religious and scientific books, local and international novels, and others, and even in the way it was presented, which some likened to that decorated dessert that drools.

And about the secret of choosing the name “Al-Basmah” for his collection of libraries, Bilal says, “With your fingerprint, we will build generations that are more aware and civilized, and from here the idea of ​​naming the library started.

Fruits that this Algerian young man wants to plant while talking about a "sweeping dream" that he wants to spread in most of the states of Algeria and even some of its departments and municipalities

Through his cultural project, Bilal Chaabneh aims to "focus on expanding the idea of ​​book culture within the country in a comprehensive manner to enhance readability, as each library will have a private and comfortable space for reading," which is the new idea that the young man introduced to bookstores in Algeria.

This project has a "psychological goal" - as he said - by "being vigilant in providing titles that help the punished to improve their psychological well-being and learn more about the life of reading."