The "Christian Dior" brand presented its fall 2023 collection at the Giza Pyramids near Cairo, in the first show of the French luxury fashion house in Egypt. The fashion models walked in clothes from the new collection in front of the historical monuments of the famous archaeological site, which was lit up especially for the show, according to Agence France-Presse.

This show is the second for a European fashion house this year in an Egyptian archaeological landmark. In October, Italian fashion designer Stefano Ricci presented his collection in an ancient temple in Luxor, southern Egypt.

“In the footsteps of the stars” is the title chosen by Kim Jones, Creative Director of Dior, for his new men's fashion collection, which was presented by 75 models who walked on a runway defined by “LED” lights and to the rhythm of techno music. Jones revealed in the show notes that the latter was inspired by a fascination with the ancient world and the ability of the past to shape the lines of the future. As for the interest in ancient Egypt, it is also linked to his interest in the stars and the sky, so walking in the footsteps of the stars was the main theme for the men's fashion collection and for the show that was held at the feet of the pyramids and lasted for 25 minutes. It was also accompanied by a laser show that gave a futuristic character to this place steeped in history.

Shades of gray from light to dark dominated many of the looks of the show, and were accompanied by a group of other neutral colors such as white, beige and black, in addition to bright touches of yellow and orange that evoked the colors of the sunset on a desert evening. The looks of the show seemed like people going on a sci-fi trip to the moon or to distant galaxies, but they also drew from the past some elements from the archives of the House of Dior or from bygone eras, with a primary focus on traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary technical prowess.

The designs of this collection were characterized by an elegant, comfortable, and practical style. Kim Jones relied on multi-layers and a mixture of materials without restricting movement. He also drew inspiration from Scottish skirts and added additions to trousers in many designs. As for the accessories accompanying the fashion, they varied between huge shoes, practical bags, and sunglasses that accompanied all the looks.

At the end of the show, and to complete the magic of this exceptional night, a 35-minute live orchestra played pieces of music, including Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". The performance was accompanied by a show of colored laser beams that adorned the night of the pyramids with its lights and turned it into a celebration of heritage, elegance and luxury.