Balenciaga's Spring 23 campaign highlights the Garde-Robe and Wardrobe line. It is a modern take on essential wardrobe staples with elegant cuts and impeccably finished materials. This show signifies a new era for Balenciaga ready-to-wear, which will be launched in December 2022.

First spotted in the room of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor by a group worn by anonymous and masked models, Balenciaga's Spring 23 Garde-Robe campaign instead focuses on archetypal figures as embodied by actresses Nicole Kidman, Isabelle Huppert and Han Soo Hee, and models Bella Iron and sock servers.

Photographs by photojournalist Joshua Bright and videos recorded by Rosie Marks also show the crew in Manhattan office spaces, motivated by the boredom, pressure, overconfidence and self-indulgence of a businessman.

In boardrooms and behind desks, the characters are surrounded by the equipment of the working day, including landline telephones, desktop computers, jars of pens, etched glass trophies, stacks of paper in folders and cardboard boxes. Since no one else is involved, the characters are free to play with their dated devices.

Dressed in suits and luxe materials such as wool, silk, gabardine, and artisan denim, these talents find surprising and humorous ways to pass the time in this emotional setting, as Isabelle reads numbers about Sheek as she talks on the phone and becomes restless, only to later listen to a guided meditation, while Han paints her nails randomly.

Bella Hadid, for her part, sighs loudly as she taps her phone, while Khadem scrolls through selfies. Nicole calls a friend to spread gossip while eating cherries and, on another occasion, is shown breaking equipment in a fit of rage.