The “Feretti Gallery of Contemporary Art” at “Alserkal Avenue” in Dubai will host the exhibition “Rhythms of the Deep” by Sheikha Maitha bint Obaid Al Maktoum, during the period from the sixth of December until the fourth of it.

Rhythms of the Deep" is a multi-sensory and unique art exhibition in what it presents of creativity, as it is inspired by the ancient Greek myth of "Aphrodite and Psihi" (the soul). In cooperation with Connectopia Technologies, the exhibition will unveil works of art by Sheikha Maitha bint Obaid Al Maktoum, using NFT technology (non-fungible symbols), as well as using augmented virtual reality and metaverse technologies, so that art lovers can Enjoy the business in a deeper way using virtual reality tools, which will enhance the experience of visitors.

It is noteworthy that the journey presented by the exhibition allows visitors to reach the realization of the noble goals of the Greek stories, which encourage morality and avoid envy and grudge, and from everything that distracts them from enjoying the greater meaning of life, and from what creates chaos for themselves and others.