Alexander McQueen chose to present its Spring-Summer 2023 collection away from London Fashion Week, and called its collection "First Sight" to celebrate the human connection that the eye expresses. The designs were exceptional in terms of idea, implementation and message.

The starting point of the group was from the exhibition “Moving to Mars” organized by the Design Museum in London before the Corona pandemic, specifically from a picture of the Earth that makes the beholder know the beauty of the planet, as it is enough for us to open our eyes well to see the beauty of the world in which we live. The eye, is a “tool for consciousness”

The creative director of the brand chose to present the show in the city of London within the gardens of the old Royal Naval College and maintained the same decor that she adopted in her previous collection, the transparent glass bubble decor. In the view of the creative director, the bubble does not indicate isolation, but rather a tool for focus and awareness. Through the show, she wanted to invite to see things and not to wander with closed eyes, but to see each other and see humanity.

The designs were decorated with large eyes that were printed or embroidered, and some looks were also decorated with embroideries inspired by the paintings of a Dutch painter.

The show included 40 looks characterized by sharp cuts, prominent pleats, and embossed lines, consisting of dresses, suits, jumpsuits, and skirts executed in black, white, and royal blue colors. The materials were leather, tulle, crepe. The shoes were high and the bags were decorated with chains.