The Louvre Abu Dhabi revealed the addition of the “Chocolate Cup” painting from 1877-1878 to its holdings in an important acquisition, which was announced for the first time during the opening of the museum’s first international exhibition for this season, entitled “Impressionism on the path of modernity.” The director of the museum, Manuel Rabaté, explained The exhibition is of great importance as it stimulates thought and is organized on an unprecedented level in the Arab Gulf region, It reflects the meanings of determination and ambition, as well as embodies the museum’s keenness to present renewed perceptions of the history of art, as it represents a tour of one of the most important periods of history that extends from the mid-fifties to the end of the nineteenth century and presents the works of artists whose works appeared in that unique historical moment.

The exhibition is considered the first of its kind and the most comprehensive in the region. It is one of three main exhibitions to be held on the sidelines of the museum’s cultural season for 2022 and 2023, and includes more than 150 artworks that highlight the artists’ reactions to the social and economic fluctuations in that period.

The "Chocolate Cup" painting is intended for a young woman sitting with a cup of coffee or chocolate in front of her. At first glance, it may seem that she belongs to the middle class and is sitting in a luxurious house, but in reality she is Marguerite Legrand, a simple worker, and the painting acquires great importance due to her workmanship.

The exhibition, which receives visitors until February 5, gives them the opportunity to contemplate the impressionist paintings created by "Monet, Renoir, Sisley" and other artists.