The Puma brand launched the first elegant and modest collection of sportswear and sports hijab fashion, and veiled women had a great share of the attention of this brand. The collection includes hijab clothes for sports and sports training clothes, designed from technologically advanced fabrics that suit the tastes of modest women and do not hinder their movement and provide them with comfort. It also includes pieces designed to withstand the performance of exercise, which depend mainly on practical and modern options, in addition to the hijab fashion that is designed to provide full non-slip coverage and enjoy freedom of movement without feeling restricted. Unique outerwear and a wardrobe staple.

The global campaign was filmed in Dubai at the local level with a talented and distinguished group of female athletes. Four empowered women appeared in the most beautiful form with a distinguished presence that expresses their unique talent and strong will.

The goal of this brand is to highlight the sports talents of veiled women at the regional level, which show the great achievements that they sought to achieve with steady steps.

The four veiled women inspire all women. The first is the Saudi young woman, "Rasha Al-Khamis", who is the first Saudi female boxing coach certified by the Saudi Boxing Federation. The second is Safiya Al-Sayegh, who is the first Emirati Arab woman to become a professional cycling player, the third by Nour Chaito, the youngest fitness trainer in Lebanon, and Burgo Subatan, a professional sprinter in the Turkish national team, who is the champion of the world, Europe and the Balkans.