The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to French novelist Anne Arnault, a writer known for her effortless, easy-going style inspired by personal class and gender experience.

Arnaud, whose name has been proposed for years for the prize, has become the seventeenth woman to receive it, as well as the sixteenth French winner in the history of the Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Committee cited the 82-year-old French writer for her courage and ingenuity in discovering the roots, distance and collective limitations of personal memory. The writer considered it a great honor for her and a great responsibility given to her, which makes her aspire towards more brilliance.

It is worth noting that Nobel Prize winners receive a medal and ten million Swedish crowns, or about 911,400,000 US dollars, and the writer receives the award from King Carl XVI Gustaf during an official ceremony to be held in Stockholm on December 10, coinciding with the anniversary of the death of the scientist Alfred Nobel in 1896, who established Awards in his last will.