The luxurious dress embroidered with craftsmanship, which carries a lot of details, usually catches the eye, but the French "Coperney" fashion show at Paris Fashion Week 2022 witnessed another kind of attention grab, when the famous model, "Bella Hadid" of Palestinian origin, wore her dress in front of The eyes of the audience were stunned on the catwalk, as the dress was sprayed on her within several minutes, and the spray turned within seconds into an amazing fabric that resembles ordinary fabrics.

This spray appeared for the first time in this show, the aerosol cloth was invented by "Manel Torres" founder of the British company Fabrican and patented it two years ago, where he developed a material that dries immediately upon touching any surface and used it to create a layer of non-woven fabric to bring a new and innovative concept of fashion.

The Coperny brand says the material can be used to make clothes that can be washed, re-worn and even combined with diagnostic devices that monitor the wearer's health. This technology consists of short fibers bonded together with polymers and solvents that transfer the fabric and then evaporate when the spray reaches the surface.

Torres created the product where it magically fits the body and can be seen during the glam show creating the simple dress to the envy of the model. The Coberni brand shared a video clip on Instagram showing the magical process, and the model also shared photos through her official account on Instagram, and the followers expressed their surprise as they described the show as an iconic and an unforgettable historical moment.