Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, was raised by two mothers: a biological mother and her twin sister, who embody the role of the ideal duo for him. Evoking this duality and presenting it with his own creative vision in his new show, he replaced traditional models and models with more than 60 pairs of twins to present the Gucci Spring-Summer collection.

 The collection was called "Gucci Twinsburg", and the twins held hands while walking in identical clothes. In terms of design, it retains the iconic symbols of the House: oversized and loose-fitting clothing, exotic and unique shapes, metallic materials and luster, turning the show into an exceptional artistic event.

In this collection, designs are inspired by different sources, such as Japanese kimono, European suit with tie, clothing borrowed from Middle Eastern civilizations and more.

As for the accessories, they were an essential part of the show, represented by chains that decorated the faces of the models and dropped from the glasses, in addition to bags that took the form of dolls, gloves and stockings decorated with animal prints.