Mayass band raised Lebanon's name high by winning the title of "America's Got Talent" after charming and breathtaking performances. The band presented its final show at three in the morning, Beirut time, where voting began at eight in the evening eastern time and ended at seven in the morning, leaving its performances hanging in the minds of all who watched it.

Mayas band qualified for the finals within the program, where its name topped the trend in Lebanon after obtaining the Golden Buzzer.

The band's journey in Lebanon was not easy, as the successive crises had an impact on them in terms of electricity and lighting cuts during preparations. Also, the gasoline crisis limited the arrival of the 37 dancers to the training sites, and despite that, the band took "FOR YOU, Lebanon" as a slogan for its march: "We overlooked" About everything for our passion for dancing and our love for Lebanon,” says the founder of the band, Nadim Cherfan.

Sherfan added that after the program, the dream will grow, and the challenge and the team as well. Before the start of the show in the first league, one of Mayass's dancers told the committee: "Lebanon is a very beautiful country, but we live in a daily struggle, and it summarizes all this effort the band has made since its participation in the Arab Talent Program, all the way to international theaters."

The Lebanese band had dazzled the world with three amazing performances, in which it embodied the existence of Lebanon by swaying their bodies to make rice here or a phoenix there.

The one who said: “Ask about the Lebanese” was never wrong!