On September 8, Buckingham Palace announced the death of Queen Elizabeth at the age of 96.

The Queen was born at 2:42 am on the 21st of April at her maternal grandfather's home in London. She was educated at home under the supervision of her mother, and the lessons were limited to history, language, literature and music. Elizabeth was a third candidate to take over the government after her grandfather, so she began to receive private lessons in constitutional history and learned the French language.

She met her future husband, Prince Philip, and despite the opposition to the marriage because he was "a prince without a homeland and no kingdom." The marriage contract took place on November 20, 1948, after which she gave birth to Prince Charles.

She was crowned Queen on June 2, and wore a specially designed dress featuring flowers symbolizing each of the Commonwealth countries.

No one knew much about her personal feelings, she rarely gave interviews, enjoyed a deep sense of religious and civic duty, and showed her support for interfaith relations. She sponsored more than 600 organizations and charities and the value of the aid was estimated at 1.4 billion pounds during her reign. Her interests included horse riding and her love of dogs.

The Queen has been portrayed in a variety of media by many prominent artists.

She is the strong, independent, ruling queen, but "for a king to rise a queen must fall."