Sotheby’s Auctions announced that the rare "Williamson Pink Star" diamond will be up for auction in Hong Kong, but before it is sold and before it lands in Hong Kong, it will make visits to Dubai, Singapore and Taiwan.

This diamond is the second largest, a bright and clear pink diamond, weighing 11.15 carats, the name of the diamond is inspired by two other pink diamonds, the first being an oval-shaped CTF Pink Star diamond that weighed 59.60 carats and sold for $ 71.2 million , The second is the 23.60-carat "Williamson" diamond, which was given to Britain's Queen Elizabeth as a wedding gift from Canadian geologist John Williamson.

This diamond has unique features. It has been polished from a 32-carat diamond, and has been masterfully cut to obtain a cushion shape that accentuates its beauty. What confirms the extent of its beauty is that the American Institute for Studies on Gemology stated that the unique color of this diamond, its large size and its distinctive cut made it a natural and artistic work, and this led to preserving its place as one of the most wonderful colored diamonds in the world.

These pink diamonds are among the diamonds whose prices are rising significantly as a result of limited supply and increased demand. Finding a vibrant and luxurious pink diamond weighing more than 10 carats is very, very rare.