The Emirati poet "Adel Khuzam" won the Best International Poet Award, with a vote from the Committee of the International Center for Translation and Poetry Research in China.

This award came as a result of his continuous work to enhance the presence of poetry in the world through the “Anthology” of “The World Poetry Tree” which he launched at the “Dubai Expo” with the participation of 405 poets from more than 100 countries. Khuzam belongs to the generation of modernity in the Emirates, who wrote the Arabic prose poem and has previously published 17 books and won a number of literary prizes, both Arab and international.

In addition to the anthology, the poet participated with his texts in a number of Chinese poetry forums, including poems that were launched at the "Dragon Boat Festival", one of the largest festivals in East Asia, and his poems were also published in the International Bulletin for the Translation of World Poetry.

The poet thanked the Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura bint Muhammad Al Kaabi, for sponsoring the anthology of the World Poetry Tree, which is evidence of the UAE's interest in poetry, considering that Emirati poetry is capable of reaping more achievements and achieving an impact at the global level because it carries a lot of artistic maturity.