The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation is completing the first phase of the "Dubai International Writing Program" workshops, in a step aimed at developing and refining the writing abilities of the affiliates by providing them with the correct writing methods and tools and encouraging them to excel and be creative.

The Foundation has always made a great effort in order to enrich the Arabic knowledge and linguistic production and to create a generation of writers who are able to present a distinguished literary production. The first workshop included training young writers on the correct methodologies for writing children's stories and how to build texts with complete elements. There is also another workshop centered on training in writing a long story for young people with the aim of depicting the reality of Dubai and drawing the features of its future scene in various fields, that is, shedding light on the human aspect in leading any development, as well as portraying the national character with its ambitions and aspirations for the future of Emirates, Where all ideas will be embodied through characters and events that comply with the general conditions of the art of the novel.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation has always provided the appropriate climate to promote intellectual and cognitive excellence among young people by providing opportunities for them to make a qualitative leap in their skills in the fields of writing.