The Syrian thinker and researcher, Nabil Fayyad, died at the age of 69, as a result of a battle with cancer that has been going on for 5 years.

Nabil is a Syrian secular writer and critic. He studied religions in depth and was interested in the issue of critical comparison between religions and even between sects. In all his research, he dealt with Arab society, especially the Islamic heritage.

Fayyad holds a pharmacy degree from Damascus University, but despite his specialization, his intellectual inclinations and cultural interests have another story, when he started reading books inspired by European philosophy.

He worked for a while in the Lebanese press and has a set of intellectual works, most of which are forbidden to circulate in Arab countries, especially since his positions aroused widespread criticism from clerics.

Fayyad has authored more than 20 books on religion and politics: “Nietzsche and Religion, Introduction to the Comparative Religion Project.”

Most of the local and Arab media called him, "Sorrow is deep and Syria is in a state of shock."