To advance the causes of educational, cultural, scientific, environmental and communication development, to develop the Arabic language and Arab Islamic culture inside and outside the Arab world and to build bridges of dialogue and cooperation between cultures. On the 52nd anniversary of its founding, the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science “ALECSO” chose the UAE to represent the cultural embassy ,ALECSO is considered as one of the oldest joint Arab action organizations in the service of Arab culture, education, technology and science and has achieved many achievements through the development plan and specialized programs.

For the first time in its history, ALECSO set up a cultural embassy in 2021, and the UAE was chosen for the first cultural embassy, ​​represented by Sheikha Al Yazia bint Nahyan Al Nahyan, to be the first extraordinary ambassador to ALECSO for a period of two years from 2021 to 2023. The cultural embassy is a legal position, and a cultural mission for marketing the organization and its activities. Inside and outside the country through various cultural, media and educational circles, and highlighting the pioneering role of the UAE and her position and radiance in promoting joint Arab cultural action and serving sustainable development issues, both locally and internationally. The Sheikha expressed her honor in the precious trust, which is a tribute to the UAE

 The regional activities of the cultural embassy included participating in the regional forum "To Empower Creative Women in the Arab Countries" in Nouakchott, as well as providing financial support to the Autistic Children's Association after visiting the Zayed Center for Autistic Children. , and other activities that enhance the essential role of the cultural ambassador