In the Young Reader section, "House of Wisdom" will host the summer camp 2022 under the title "A Journey Around the World". This event is designed to provide educational activities for children and to enrich their creative and intellectual abilities, through a range of reading sessions in which they will participate. These sessions enrich their imaginations with the world's cultural treasures, in addition to workshops, live performances and interactive experiences throughout the months of July and August.

Children from 5-12 years old will experience in this camp, adventures and interesting trips around the world, where they will play the game "Passports", and each child will receive a stamp proving his virtual travel to every country he knows in this camp, so he will learn about culture, customs, languages , Food, landmarks that characterize 16 selected countries around the world.

The summer camp will include a range of activities, such as making "dream catchers", listening to artists playing musical instruments, a virtual tour of the American Museum of Natural History, mosaic design, and learning about the traditions of the Brazilian "capoeira" dance arts.