Puma has teamed up with Frida Kahlo and OAG Latino to create the "Puma-Frida" collection in honor of the famous Mexican painter.

The collection presents elegant and at the same time comfortable fashion, that is, suitable for practical use, and reflects the culture of painter Kahlo in the journey of women's empowerment and independence. In appreciation of her creativity and artistry, the idea of ​​designing each piece of the collection was inspired by the artist's use of beautiful roses in her artwork. A key piece of the collection is Puma's first women's running shoes, which can be teamed with a range of matching clothing and accessories from stunning shorts and leggings featuring intricate floral details.

One of the highlights of the collection is the reversible “Puma-Kahlo” jacket, inspired by the emotional  "the two Fridas”painting that embodies the two different personalities of the painter. One side features a solid color design with a floral hood, and the other side features a stunning graphic that covers the entire fabric.

This collection in the name of Kahlo is among the new groups of female artists chosen by the brand in the initiative to celebrate equality and motivate women to achieve their goals.