The British artist "Peter Brook", the legend of theater and one of the most prominent stage directors of the twentieth century, passed away at the age of 97.

The great playwright was born in Britain, and spent much of his artistic career in France, where he founded the theater "Les Boves du Nord", and gained fame thanks to his cinematic version of the novel "Lord of the Flies" about students stranded on an uninhabited island and trying to govern themselves. .

The Mahabharna, one of Brooke's most famous plays, is a nine-hour epic of Hindu mythology, first presented in 1989. The International Center for Research in Drama was established in the early seventies in the Théâtre de Boves du Nord and was influenced by oriental traditions.

The Minister of Culture of Lebanese origin, Rima Abdel-Malak, said: "Peter Brooke gave us the most beautiful silence in the theater, but the last silence is very sad and will forever remain a spirit of joy at the Boves du Nord theater in the north of Paris, where his works were shown."