Balenciaga presented its women's and men's fashion show for Spring 2023, in cooperation with Adidas, in a strange place from the world of fashion, which is the New York Stock Exchange. The strangeness also applied to the covered faces of the exhibitors, as the designs were offered for sale immediately after the end of the show at fantastic prices.

The invitation to this offer took the form of a stack of fake dollars on which the name of Balenciaga and the address of the New York Stock Exchange were imprinted. The creative director of the house, Georgian designer Dimna Gvasalia, was inspired by his designs from the era of the eighties of the last century, but he deliberately implemented them with modern materials and introduced touches of mystery through latex headdresses and some humor through huge men's shoes and women's shoes that remind of fairy tales.

In the first section of the show, a group of basic fashions in the women's and men's wardrobe were presented, including shirts, pants, dresses, suits, and coats, executed in neutral colors and in luxurious materials such as silk, wool, gabardine, and handmade denim. The implementation of the fashion of this section came in the spirit of high fashion and based on the classics of fashion that were prominently evident in silk shirts decorated with the necklace at the neck

Minimalism dominated evening fashion, which took the form of dresses with cuts close to the body, smoking suits accompanied by huge jackets, and very long trench coats. The second part of the show revealed the expected collaboration between Balenciaga and the well-known sports fashion brand, Adidas. We saw the designs of the house adorned with three white stripes and the logo of the sports brand above the name of Balenciaga, while the designs were keen to highlight the identity of both the worlds of Balanciaga and Adidas in a harmonious manner despite the absence of any common elements that unite them in the original.