The Iraqi translator and poet "Hussein Nahba" seeks to translate Arabic creativity into poetry and narration, in an attempt to spread it in Europe after translation processes were taking place in reverse from foreign languages ​​into Arabic.

Hussein is a translator, expert, poet, writer and publisher. He graduated from the Faculty of Languages, Department of Spanish in 1988, then from the Faculty of Education, Department of English in 2004. He is a member of several associations specialized in translation and publishing, including the Iraqi Translators Association, the International Federation of Translators, the Publishers and Writers Association in Iraq, and the Arab Publishers Union.

He says about his project: "The Arab world is full of writers, poets, critics, researchers and artists." Nahba believes that there are individual attempts by a group of translators to convey these creative voices to the countries of Europe, but they are purely personal attempts scattered here and there. Through his knowledge of the Spanish language, he took upon himself this responsibility, and his step began when he asked himself: "Why are Arabic works not translated into other languages?" . However, Hussein realizes that there is a difficulty in this task because it is “a difficult task for an individual to do the work of institutions” and he needs support not only at the Iraqi level, but also at the level of the Arab world in order to do a counter-translation “exports and not only imports.”

In 2019, he translated and issued the first part of the poetic encyclopedia of 100 Arab poets, and in 2021 he released the second part of the same encyclopedia, and he did not stop at the limits of poetry translation, but added to it the translation of narrative works, as he translated 40 stories equally drawn from various Arab countries .