The Italian brand Fendi opened its new boutique on the island of Mykonos, located in the Aegean Sea, specifically within the village of Namous, which is one of, the most important destinations for shopping and summer activities, located in the south of the island.

 The boutique, which covers an area of ​​90 square meters, is designed with a special and exclusive concept, inspired by the Mediterranean culture and the flair and style of Mykonos island along with the signature Fendi icons. The boutique consists of two floors, completed in the traditional white Cycladic architecture, and welcomes you in advance to the integrated world of Fendi, with all categories of women's and men's clothing, and the interior space has been connected with the exterior thanks to windows and facades that allow sunlight to fill the rooms. destination for shopping and summer activities, located in the south of the island.

The boutique, with its finishes and furnishings inspired by the typical interiors of the island, the walls are round and arched using natural and light colored stone. The furniture is a selection of bespoke pieces of limestone and pieces reminiscent of local interiors in wood, thatch and bamboo. Two balconies were also designed to add continuity to the interior feeling of the place: light blue resin on the floor, and raffia furnishings.

The ground floor is dedicated to both sexes, displaying leather goods, accessories and shoes on exposed copper platforms that reflect the colors of the seabed. As you go up the stairs, the area is reserved for women and men with a ready-to-wear collection.

In this boutique, the Fendi Peekaboo I See You medium-sized bag is presented in white crocodile leather, with white leather lining featuring very precious and shiny finishes, with a wooden biquin-designed handle and palladium accessories. Sold as an exclusive Europe edition bag in the Mykonos boutique.