With the start of summer and the season of fun beach holidays, an exciting collection of swimwear is presented, the result of the collaboration of the famous Lebanese fashion designer, Rabih Kayrouz, with the swimwear designer Iris. The collection includes four bathing suits and four pieces of ready-to-wear perfect for beach picnics.

In an interview with the famous designer, he showed that the cooperation is based on the seamless compatibility between the values ​​and philosophy of the two brands and the integration of their respective styles. The "Happy" collection has been developed in order to urge people to spend enjoyable and happy moments and add a spirit of fun and joy and tendencies to go out and enjoy in the air Being outdoors, networking, partying and having fun

Since Rabih Kayrouz is having his first experience in designing swimwear, it was obvious to him to collaborate with Iris because he had always loved this house, its style that transcends time and trends, and its eye-catching skills. And imagine a woman spending her vacation there in pursuit of fun, celebration and joy, this is the image that inspired the designer .

Combining the experiences of the two brands and the style and personality of each brand created an interesting and enjoyable exchange of dialogue that was translated into a joyous and impressive group.