The Maurice Auden Mathematics Association announced the winning of two Algerian scientists, Samir Badrouni, residing in Algeria, and Yassine Chitour, a dual national and residing in France, for their innovative scientific works.

The award was given to "Badroni" (28 years old), a lecturer at the "Houari Boumediene University of Science and Technology" in the Algerian capital, for his work in the field of complex engineering. As for "Chetor", he is a professor at the Laboratory of Signals and Systems at the University "Paris-Saclay in Central Sublac" and received the award for his work on the control of surveillance systems.

It is worth noting that the international award is organized every two years, as it opens its doors to all holders of a PhD in the field of mathematics and practitioners, whether in France or Algeria, provided that their age does not exceed 45 years.

This award commemorates the struggle of "Maurice Auden", the leftist intellectual who studied mathematics at the University of Algiers and who is considered one of the most famous fighters for the independence of Algeria, as he joined the ranks of the Algerian revolution against the colonialism of his country, and died by torture at the hands of French paratroopers after his kidnapping