Eiffel Tower recorded a historical event in the depths of its structure, opening a new horizon in the middle of a building workshop on the first floor, which turned into a special celebration in which expensive sculptures were displayed because of the material used in making them.

The show was carried out by the director of "Omanes" company, the artist, the sculptor "Xavier de Bern" and "Christophe Martin", painter and decorator for the restaurant "Jules Furn". The presentation was supervised by the media and public relations consultant of Lebanese origin, "Isabelle Al-Tanuri", who also works in the field of protecting cultural property from illegal trafficking at UNESCO.

In the details, the ceremony was attended by the Australian Ambassador to UNESCO, "Megan Anderson", the head of the documentation department in the same organization, "Fadel Douiri", in addition to a group of engineers, architects, businessmen, journalists and a group of French and international artists.

The basic idea is to reuse copper, which is the protective raw material for the Eiffel Tower, extracted from the old roof of the Madame Brasserie restaurant, to make these iron sculptures.

The two experienced artists succeeded in creating a new era for the Eiffel Tower. This could pave the way for future artists in France by giving them the opportunity to show off their latest creations.