The French painter of Arab origin, "Miss Tech", who was known for the art of drawing on the walls of the streets in Paris, died at the age of 66

"Miss Tech", whose real name is "Radia Novat", grew up in the alleys of Paris, from a Tunisian immigrant father and a French mother, and she began to practice her hobby by drawing on walls.

Radhia is one of the institutions of the art of drawing on the walls using the stencil (a thin surface of paper or metal in which the drawing is etched and then sprayed with dyes, and the drawing is printed through its spaces on the wall).

Miss Tech was arrested for a short period in 1997 for accusing her of destroying public property, but her works were presented in famous French exhibitions as well as in international exhibitions.

Among her most prominent sayings: "At the beginning I thought I would write poems, and then we needed drawings, and with these poems I began to paint myself before I paint other women."