Al-Nawab was born in Baghdad in 1934 to an aristocratic family of Indian origin who valued art, poetry and music. He showed poetic talent from an early age. He completed his university studies at the University of Baghdad and became a teacher, but he was soon expelled for political reasons.

After the Iraqi revolution, one of his poems was a direct reason for issuing the death sentence against him, and he was later commuted to life imprisonment.

He spent a period of time behind bars, but his revolutionary nature made him rebel, dig a tunnel, and escape from prison.

He is known for his powerful revolutionary poems and vitriolic calls against Arab tyrants, political corruption and injustice, and his poetic language was described as "cruel".

Among his most prominent poems: A shot then the event, the accusation, a poem from Beirut..."

Muzaffar died in Sharikah Hospital on May 20, 2022.