British artist Sacha Jafri unveiled his latest exhibition, “The Art Maze,” on the Burj Al-Arab Jumeirah helipad in Dubai on Wednesday. 
The exhibition, a partnership with art curator and architect Marcus Schaefer, features 30 oil and acrylic works celebrating the 50th anniversary of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site program.
Jafri began preparations for the exhibition six months ago before turning out the artworks over a six-week period.
Jafri said that the exhibition was a personal dream that he had nurtured since starting to paint at the age of 12. 
The artist recalled his mother taking him to visit World Heritage sites when he was a child.
Meanwhile, he is planning to create 20 additional paintings for the Paris show, which will run from Sept.12-18.
The exhibition will last until March 27, so do not hesitate to visit!