Opening of a group exhibition featuring the works of @hazemharb @hashelamki @maithaabdalla, celebrating 50 years of the UAE, at Tabari Artspace, Dubai.
 This first-of-its-kind event highlights the innovation, creativity, and collaboration that represents the evolution of the country's visual art scene. A unique collection of artwork that has never been shown together is central to a cultural experience tracing the history of visual art in the United Arab Emirates as it unfolds over half a century of the transformative development of the country.
Over 100 major artworks, including 15 specials, anchor the program, exploring the work of more than 60 pivotal artists, from the founders of the Emirati art scene to today's rising generation, through drawing, photography, 3D installations, and audiovisual works. Intertwined with these works, video interviews, statements, archival photos, and memorabilia paint an intimate portrait of the country's emerging art scene and those who gave it life.
The exhibition runs until April 16, 2022, at Tabari Artspace, Dubai, so don't miss the opportunity to visit it.