The Chinese authorities succeeded in "clearing the sky" as the ruling Communist Party celebrated its centenary earlier this year, as a research paper revealed.
Sky News Arabia reported that the paper issued by Tsinghua University in Beijing indicates that meteorological officials in China succeeded in completing the intensive "cloud pollination" process in the hours leading up to the celebration that took place on the first of last July, which made the sky clear.
The Chinese government has spent billions of dollars on weather control projects, including "cloud pollination" technology, to protect agricultural areas or create the atmosphere before important events such as the 2008 Olympics, according to the British newspaper, "The Guardian".
The technology of "cloud seeding" or "cloud seeding" is based on adding small particles of chemicals such as silver iodide to the clouds, which causes water droplets to collect around them, and increases the chance of precipitation, thus reducing the pollution level by two-thirds.
The "cloud pollination" operation took place over two hours on the eve of the celebration, and residents in the nearby mountainous areas reported seeing rockets launched into the sky on June 30th.