Ayyam Gallery held an exhibition in which it collected the latest works of artist Samia Halaby, which simulates everything except for silence. Each panel includes energy and movement, brimming with intuitive complexity.
Samia Halaby invites us to see nature and urban scenes through her vision, immortalizing the dynamic setting through brush strokes and color, creating endless layers of moving parts.
Samia continued her earlier explorations towards abstraction, gradually removing all forms and boundaries and focusing only on movement and space.
This exhibition highlights both geometric and linear approaches, resulting in a contrasting evolution. However, the purpose of the product is to depict space, time, and everything that lies in between. Thus, an invisible set of relationships that are measured with our eyes and intuitively understood by our minds are always created.
Born in Jerusalem in 1936, Samia Halaby is a pioneering abstract painter and influential researcher of Palestinian art. Although Halaby has lived in the United States since 1951, she is known as a pioneer of contemporary abstraction in the Arab world.
Halaby works with the conviction that new methods of painting can redirect ways of seeing and thinking not only in the field of aesthetics but also as contributions to technological and social progress. This basic idea led to additional experiments in drawing, printmaking, computer-based kinetic art, and drawing without a stretcher.
The exhibition named "Flurrying" has started on November 15, 2021, and will run until January 5, 2022, at Ayyam Gallery, Dubai.
Do not miss the opportunity to visit and see the most important artworks of Samia Halaby.