A collaboration between Gallery K and Firooze in a new initiative of its kind that brought Iranian art to Dubai and transformed the gallery into a garden of imagination, the gallery is decorated with trees and green plants.
The exhibition "Khayal" started on November 7 and will run until November 14, 2021, at Gallery K in the Dubai design district. Artists participating in this exhibition include Mahdi Mahdavi, Soniya Ramezani, Maryam Ebrahim Yazdi, Seyede Maryam Kasaeian, and many more...
If we were to name an exclusively Iranian style of painting, Gol-o-Morgh would surely be at the top of the list. In this style you can clearly distinguish the influence of the Islamic body, literature and mysticism in this form of art.
It is worth mentioning that Firooze is a private collector of art and has great relationships with the best Islamic artists around the world.
So if you are a fan of this art and are looking forward to living some moments of imagination, do not hesitate to visit this unique exhibition. 
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque