The 'exil' group has been created by the initiative of Youssef Bassil, Antoine Jikjian, Joe Geagea, and young Tatiana Akl, they invited 25 designers to change the way design is perceived in Lebanon and the Middle East, creating designs that are easy to ship from Lebanon and at the best prices.
The invited designers, some of them students and some of them well-known and distinguished artists, including Nada Debs, Thomas Trad, Marc Baroud, and others… worked to transform their concepts into functional consumer and industrial products.
The collaboration was also made with a group of local artisans, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and investors to introduce products through development and eventual successful commercial release.
This is their first exhibition at Dubai Design Week, so feel free to visit them and support the Lebanese industry.
From Modern Arabesque we wish them success. 
Mabelle Milane
Modern Arabesque