Artists of Beirut is an initiative dedicated to the promotion of authentic contemporary Lebanese artists and artisans with a focus on female representation, to help them reach Lebanese and international art scenes. The initiative also aims to support the Lebanese art economy and preserve its cultural identity and heritage.
The show is featuring an extensive selection of works encompassing a variety of media and styles all having Beirut and its stories as a common theme. Inevitably, the themes embraced in the works include the 4th of August Beirut blast, but also views of the city, its inhabitants and so much more.
The collection expresses the diversity of the city that oscillates between tradition and modernity, between violence and the sweetness of life.
The artists featured in the show are: Pauline Avedissian, Hala Dabaji, Nevine Mattar, Nada Matta, Nicole Mezher, Najwa Nahas, Lara Youakim and Michele Zehil.
The exhibition has started on  7th of October and will last till 7th of November, 2021.