Wanting to please his wife, an elderly Bosnian set out to fulfill his wife's wish to live in a house with multiple and changing views.
Standing in front of the house he built, Fujin Kosic, 72, said: "I'm tired of her constant complaints and her repeated requests to have a house overlooking several sides so that you can see the sunrise or the way of pedestrians when you want. directions as you wish.
The house, which attracted the attention of visitors and tourists, is located on a fertile plain in northern Bosnia near the town of Serbac. It rotates on an axis with a diameter of 7 meters so that one can enjoy the view of cornfields and farmland that looks like forests in the rainy season.
"The house can spin completely in 24 hours when it's at its slowest, but the cycle can also be completed in just 22 seconds," Kosic said.
The project took 6 years to complete, during which it was interrupted by a heart disease that forced him to spend a period in the hospital. The man pointed out that his new house is more able to withstand the damage caused by the earthquake than the fixed houses, before concluding his speech, "When I entered the hospital, I asked the doctors to try to prolong (my life) for at least a year until I finish building the house, because the idea is in my head and he will not be able to implement it. Nobody but me."