The exhibition of "Khawla Art and Culture" entitled "Unity in Diversity", which will be held at Dubai Opera from September 28 to October 12, from 10 AM to 10 PM, will present sculptures by Arab artists, most notably:
Jamal Habroush Al-Suwaidi
Jamal Habroush Al-Suwaidi's work is influenced by his relationship to the local environment of the United Arab Emirates, and its historical stereotypes and concepts arising from change and prosperity.
His sculpture, titled Love, is a series of distinctive works that delve deeply into the human psyche and send its peaceful message to the world.
Natiq Al Alousi
An Iraqi artist residing in the Emirates, he produced many statues, monuments and murals in important sites and palaces inside and outside Iraq.
His statue bears the title "Whisper", which is the secret of love without words, two hearts meeting in one soul.
Khalil Al Madhoun
Born in Bahrain, he is a calligrapher, sculptor and painter, and has participated in many international events.
In this work, he used the Arabian horse as a symbolic expression of beauty that relaxes the eye of the beholder, and he used the letters of Arabic calligraphy on its surface using the technique of relief carving and relief carving to combine the two. Sculptural techniques in one work in a new and innovative style that characterizes his artworks.
In addition to the presence of foreign artists, including:
Valentina Lucarini
Paola Giuseppe
Fonderia Artistica
So if you are a fan of art and culture, feel free to visit this unique gallery.