In collaboration with "Gallery Cherif Tabet", Nevine Sursock Mattar held her exhibition "A fauvist view of Beirut", which begins today, on the twenty-first of September, and continues until the twentieth of October.
The exhibition includes forty oil paintings of different sizes, and in hot and strong colors, expressing nostalgia for a declining home, a declining time, or bemoaning a city that may be witnessing a tragic phase.
In addition, we see the rooftops between authentic heritage architecture and engineering, and a mixture of skyscrapers.
Lebanese-American artist Nevine Mattar expresses her art through various mediums such as design, murals, paintings, papier-mâché, books and illustrations, and collage. She studied art, in Japan, and painting and illustration in London, Los Angeles, and New York. Mattar currently teaches cultural studies at the American University of Beirut, the University of Balamand, Haigazian University, and the Lebanese American University. She participates in many community activities that aim to educate people about the art of recycling. She is also the founder of the first Papier-Mâché association in Lebanon.
Do not miss the chance to visit the exhibition.