Afaf Zurayk was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She has always been an introvert, and loves to withdraw.
She was introduced to art at a very early age, and through drawing, she was able to express her innermost thoughts and feelings.
During the civil war in Lebanon, she experienced a lot of fear due to the destruction of the life and self that she knew. However, over time, I came to understand how to calibrate terror and grace - darkness and light.
After leaving for Washington, she associated drawing with writing to express feelings of power and belonging.
She lives today in Beirut and, despite numerous political and social upheavals, focuses her art on the riches of our basic humanity while respecting our ability to align with and imagine our inner truth.
And if you were aiming to know more about her work,  you can now visit her exhibition titled "White" that is taking place at Saleh Barakat Gallery from Sep 16 till Oct 16 2021.