South Korean artist Minyoung Kim presents her new solo exhibition: Moon Garden at Août Gallery, which began on August 24 and runs until September 15, 2021.
Her drawings are distinguished by their soft and pale colors. The works form a set of repetitive elements immersed in symbolism, mostly in the form of animals; Whether it's the ironic mystery of cats, the duality of snakes, or even the anonymity of fish - all are intertwined in a mystical landscape, under the perpetual moonlight.
As for the title, "Moon Garden" stems from the omnipresent presence of the moon in the artist's work, with each artwork representing a different phase of the moon's cycle, set in the garden that is the Août Gallery itself. The moon is also a symbol of hope, of light in the midst of constant darkness. The show is another upbeat attempt to provide viewers with a gentle escape into a mystical world, where dreams and contemplation reign.
Born in 1989, in Seoul, South Korea, Minyoung Kim graduated from Sungshin’s Women’s University with both a BA in Painting and an MFA in Printmaking in 2014.
Kim’s work mirrors her inner-most feelings, ones that language fails to express. By using un-stretched raw canvas, she portrays, in a soft manner, ironic scenes that combine what she refers to as strange but cute elements. It’s in this ambivalence, both light and serious, that she explores and reveals her inner self.
Currently, Kim resides in London where she is completing her MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art.
« My canvas contains memories, anxiety, regret, desire, dreams, and everything inside me that I may not be able to express myself directly. I sincerely project myself onto the canvas. Sometimes I become a weak mermaid, a human-harming cat, and a woman with a threatening knife.» : Minyoung Kim
Few days left for the exhibition, so don't miss it.