A city with the cleanliness of Tokyo, the diversity of life in New York, the availability of healthy social services found in Sweden, and above all environmentally friendly, with a drought-resistant water system and sustainable energy.
This is what the American billionaire, Mark Low, wishes to achieve, who seeks to build an ideal modern city as a utopian oasis in the desert of the United States, with a capacity of five million people, in cooperation with a world-class architect to design it, and he lacks to implement this dream to find the appropriate location and financing estimated at 400 billion dollars, According to CNN News.
Last week, the former Walmart CEO revealed plans to build Telosa, a sustainable city he hopes to create, from scratch on an estimated 150,000 acres where a "15-minute design" would allow residents access to their workplaces. and their schools and amenities within a quarter of an hour from their homes.
Although planners are still searching for the appropriate location, some options include Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachian region, according to the project's official website.