Banksy's famous "Love in a Trash Can" is up for auction again, after someone bought it in 2018.
According to the New York Post, the painting is expected to be sold this time for $8.3 million, six times its previous price of $1.37 million.
Sotheby's auctioned the painting in 2018, and the audience was surprised when the painting itself was torn at the moment it was sold to a buyer.
The famous auction house said that the painting, which is one of Banksy's most famous works, came out of its frame through a paper shredder hidden inside the frame, at a time when the hammer fell to announce the sale of the painting for 1.37 million dollars.
At the time, Banksy posted another photo on Instagram of a shocked audience watching the painting being torn about halfway, and wrote a comment saying, "Here it's lost, lost, lost."
Sotheby's said this was "certainly" the first time a work of art had torn itself apart after being auctioned off.
Banksy, who goes by that name and whose true identity is unknown, is known for his satirical outdoor murals with political themes.
Once an obscure graffiti artist from Bristol, England, Banksy's work became very valuable.