The 'CITYNG' chair series has been designed by Savio Firmino and Cosimo de Vita as a lineup of furniture pieces that call to mind architectural monuments from around the world. The chairs come in 16 different monuments from cities like Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Petra, Moscow, Agra, New York and beyond to incorporate their ornate design into the furniture piece. The chair series is named as a play on words of the words "city" and "seating."
Cosimo de Vita spoke on the 'CITYNG' chair series saying, "CITYNG is a journey between West and East, between tradition and modernity; the chairs are handcrafted in solid wood, but also decorated with a numerical control pantograph."
The chairs are constructed using a combination of different techniques including modern ones like CNC machining and timeless ones like handiwork.
Source: Michael Hemsworth