More than a year after the explosion of Beirut Port, which claimed more than 200 martyrs, displaced thousands of citizens, and caused heavy losses to the country, sadness remains in the atmosphere of Beirut and in the hearts of its people as well. On this basis, young artists, students and other people were invited to express their steadfastness and national pride by commemorating the August 4 victims. A week after the announcement of the competition organized by The Agenda Beirut, participants presented a group of creative and expressive artworks, before a panel that included actor Wajih Sakr, illustrator of AYP2ZED Academy of Painting, Maral Manesrian, Academy founder and drawing teacher Gerard Panossian and creative advisor and School of Art and Design at the University of NDU Nada Sakr Bchara.
At the end of the competition, honorary prizes were presented. Yara Sabra won the first prize for youth, the second prize for youth Jennifer Boghossian, and the third prize for Lynn Abu Zeid, while the first prize for the adult category was Marie Khoury, and Layal Fares the second prize. It should be noted that this competition was held by the NGO Soul; It is a non-governmental organization, founded by a group of Lebanese Americans to contribute to addressing the crisis in Lebanon and to convey the voice of the people to the world.