The DakAkker is a 1000 m2 rooftop farm on top of the Schieblock in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Vegetables, edible flowers, and fruit are grown and bees are kept on the DakAkker — the largest open-air roof farm in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. Some of its innovative features include a sensor-equipped smart roof, a much larger water storage capacity than is usual for rooftop gardens, and six beehives. The Dakakker adds multiple values to the city such as nature and biodiversity while acting as an insulation layer and drastically reducing the number of food miles. 
For growing the crops, rainwater is collected and used. Bistro ‘Op het Dak’, located on the roof, uses the super-fresh harvest of the Dakakker in the menus. Vegetables, fruits are also delivered to local hotels and restaurants. This makes the Dakakker a good example of adding green sustainable value to hospitality.