A proposed design for a tower that will be built in the UAE city of Dubai is suspended in the sky, with the possibility of moving to other cities such as New York. The tower will be suspended by an asteroid close to Earth by high-strength cables.
 The architecture company “Clouds Architectural Office” announced its plans to design this tower in the future and bears the name “Analima Tower” and that its implementation will be about suspending the tower above the Earth by connecting it to an asteroid in space revolving around the Earth, and that it will be placed in a synchronous orbit with the Earth, meaning that it will be Always mobile it will allow its residents to make a daily trip between the northern and southern hemispheres.
Skyscraper designer Ostap Rudakevich stated during an interview with “CNN” that the tower will be built from durable and lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, adding that “the project will require a massive development in cable engineering in order to design the strength of the cable needed to suspend the building, while it will depend on the energy from the panels. The solar system is in space, which is always exposed to sunlight, and will depend on clouds and rainwater for the water circulation system.” .