For thirty years, it has hosted the “Ajyal” exhibition and published works by many artists, especially those related to Lebanon and the Middle East.
The gallery houses the collection of artworks, books, and catalogs she has published or helped produce, as well as artefacts from the institution's history.
Saleh Barakat, founder of Ajyal, often chose to keep one artwork from each show Ajyal hosted or participated in. Many of these works will be displayed across the gallery space from oldest to newest. The audience will be guided through the collection by original postcard invitations to the very galleries from which these works were collected.
The publications, catalogs and artist books produced during and separately from these various exhibitions will also be displayed in chronological order, in a manner similar to that of paintings and postcards.
For the first time, Ajyal's archive of its history will be open to the public. Audiences will get a chance to see how the institution's aesthetics, identity, preferences, and mission have changed since its inception until today. Therefore, we invite you from Modern Arabesque  Magazine to join this exhibition and to not miss this opportunity.